We can optimise your website so that it uses Google Adwords, an advertising-focused service that lets you set a budget for advertisements on your site and only pay when people click on ads.

AdWords management is the micro management of your PPC campaign in Google to ensure you are frequently at the top of the ad listings which make up the first 3 lines in search engine results page (SERP) as well as all the right hand side listings down the side of the page.

To achieve this everything comes into play. Things like keyword and phrase choices, the location or distance we target, the quality of the ads and how they read and even what your competitors are doing drive our activities to better manage your campaign.

With business owners being so busy running their business, our management gives your campaign the care it needs full time to ensure that we are minimising your cost per click, capitalising on opportunities and removing wasted click spend with the use of negative keywords from your campaign.